From the planning to the turnkey delivery of the dental office

Dental practice Construction Supervision

The dentist entrepreneur, at the time of construction of a new dental practice, must make well-considered choices to guarantee the patient the best possible service and, at the same time, the achievement of entrepreneurial goals.
The most delicate decision is the choice of professionals who will design and build the dental practice: the architect for the interior, the building contractor, the electrician, the plumber, the installers of the necessary equipment and devices.
All these professionals must know very well the specific needs of a dental practice: the technical/functional aspect of the equipment, the correct positioning to follow an optimal workflow compliant with the regulations, what to do and what to avoid.
However, specific knowledge is not enough: every specialist must be able to cooperate constantly with other professionals to ensure a satisfactory final result, having a clear sense of the whole and understanding the choices made by other specialists.
The experience and the deep knowledge of the needs of the dental practice allow Assitec to offer a high added value service: we deal with the design of the study, the construction supervision, the definition of from-dirty-to-clean paths, and the whole turnkey project.

What do you need to build a dental office?

Goal definition

Choice of partners



Safety Ergonomics

Certificates of quality

Electric implants

Working conditions

Task coordination is fundamental

t is a matter of integration between deep knowledge and the actions of a group of specialised professionals.
The alternatives of doing everything on your own or coordinating different specialties would be very expensive to the dentist.

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Integrating different specialties offers the following benefits

  • defining the structural and technical elements constituting the various aspects of a practice
  • defining and containing working times
  • a precise and controlled definition of overall costs
  • a single referent for the execution and certifications
  • single referent for machinery and repairing systems maintenance, subsequent reverifications or normative validation.

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