Sterilisation ensures the safeguard of the operator’s and the patient’s health, and the dentist’s serenity.


Sterilisation of dental equipment and work environments ensures the protection of the patient, the operator and the serenity of the dentist.

Programming the maintenance of the autoclaves ensures quality, cost control, and being able to continue working in the best conditions.

Assitec offers expert advice on defining the best course of dirty/clean materials, on ergonomic arrangement, and on normative management.

Machinery servicing and refurbishing at our laboratories, including checks compliant with the manufacturer’s standards using sensors and probes, stress and repetition tests, are executed in our facilities in Milan and Padua.

A highly qualified service

Assitec puts at your disposal various assistance and maintenance solutions, flexible and customisable so as to best meet specific and diverse needs.

Our service comprises:

proposals of preemptive and corrective maintenance on treatment centers of all brands and models on the market

  • proposals of ticket books for prepayed yearlong services.

Routine actions performed by the operator at the practice

In order for these devices to correctly function, it is necessary for the operator to regularly perform some precautions and/or operations as recommended by the manufacturer:

  • weekly cleaning of the window and door gasket
  • sterilisation chamber cleaning
  • not exceeding the appropriate load
  • performing the required tests (Vacuum Test, Helix Test, biologic test)

To ensure the smooth flow of the dental work collaboration between assistance and study operators is needed.

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