Electrical safety checks on electro-medicals, electric systems, groundings

Electro-medical test for dental practice

Electro-medical devices must be reliable and maintain their characteristics unchanged over time, in addition to having to comply with specific safety parameters for the category they belong to..
For this reason, we perform periodic checks on electro-medical devices, medical devices and electrical systems; in particular:

  • testing verifications, carried out to verify the integrity of the appliance before its entry into service
  • periodic checks, performed to check the maintenance of safety features over time

Assitec performs electrical safety checks on:

  • electro-medicals (Direttiva dei Dispositivi Medici 93/42 CEE Norme generali CEI 62-5, CEI 62-122, CEI 62-148)
  • electric systems CEI 64-8,
  • groundings D.P.R.462/2001.

These safety checks must be performed by Authorized Technicians.
The technical safety check provides for visual inspection, electrical measurement of ground connections and equivalent leakage currents.
The inspections and the measures to be carried out are defined in the “Maintenance Register”, while the measured values ​​must be documented by the technician in the specific Verification Form Mod. 007Q.
The security checks are also necessary to comply with the laws and regulations on the subject of security protection Legislative Decree 626/94 and the subsequent Legislative Decree 81/2008, to which the study owner must comply to ensure his patients and users the right security.

Periodic checks guarantee timely maintenance
of the safety features respecting
EEC and national laws.

Risk evaluation

Legislative Decree Law 81 on safety, to which all companies including the dental practice are subject, establishes the obligation of the employer to ensure the safety of the workplace to its employees and patients who attend the study. Assitec offers a complete and professional service that includes: consulting, study and collection of all information and materials that allow the assessment of risks in the study, targeted interventions where necessary and the preparation of the dossier to be presented in the event of any checks and inspections by of the ASLs.

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