If the engine room stops, the studio stops

Engine room Assistance

The suction pump and the compressor are the beating heart of the dental practice, and the blocking of one of these machines means the blocking of the study until they are restored. For this reason, the good operation and the efficiency of the dentist’s engine room are crucial for the performance of the study’s work.
Assitec offers advice on selecting suitable rooms for the engine room, sizing the machine and plant with respect to the number of dental chairs, and the type of equipment (liquid, air or wet).
In fact, correctly designing the dentist’s machine room before installation guarantees an optimal result, taking into account the specific aspects of each study.
We are particularly prepared on new inverter technologies, on the connection and remote control of plant operation, and we are the authorized technical reference for the main companies in the sector./p>

Preserving performance over time

In order to guarantee an excellent and complete service, Assitec has defined a protocol of acceptance, diagnosis, repair and delivery of all the main models and brands. The standardization of the process makes it possible to trace the interventions and the history of the instrument, all this allows the identification of any errors in use and maintenance that are promptly communicated and consequently correct.

Staff training and technical advice are part of our service.

In order to guarantee high quality and reliability, we always employ original spare parts in repairing process.

Preserving performance over time

In order to preserve the performance of the compressors and the entire machine room over time, the operator in the studio and your trusted service center must regularly check the system. Assitec provides you with various assistance and maintenance solutions, flexible and customizable in order to meet specific and different needs.

Our service includes:

  • proposal of preventive and corrective maintenance contracts on all brands and models
  • proposal of a booklet of pre-paid interventions for annual service contracts

To ensure the smooth flow of the dental work
collaboration between assistance and study operators is needed.

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