Advice and works management for the technical part of the plants


Assitec has a twenty-year long experience in in providing assistance to dental practices and specialized consultancy.
Over the years we have developed shared values that are aimed at a single clear goal: the Smile of all the Members of our Supply Chain.

Assitec operates independently and without subordination constraints for the best manufacturers and dental technology stores.
We know in depth the legislation concerning the dental sector, the workflow in the dental practice, the quality and safety systems.
In 25 years, we have seen the evolution of healthcare facilities and we know them as we build them, test them, validate them and keep them efficient.
As a result, Assitec is therefore able to advise the dental practice about what should be done and what should be avoided, the best plant choices, supply, technology, quality systems, equipment and how to optimize the budget and manage the time.
Assitec consulting is an excellent investment to keep the workflow of the study smooth and efficient.

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