X-Ray systems are a fundamental part of diagnosis and dialogue with the patient

Technical support X-Ray systems – Cad Cam

A good functioning, a correct ergonomic and law compliance of the X-ray equpiment allow the dentist to work in full efficiency and serenity. Having a professional, accurate and personalised X-ray service available makes the difference, and it makes the work flow smoothly.
For analogic X Ray equipment, we make repairing and darkroom checks. When dealing with digital X Ray equipment, our technicians offer their expert advice in choosing hardware and software according to your needs, managing your intranet, and providing remote management.
We provide instructions for the proper use of the X-ray machines and the good habits to always obtain the best results. Our assistance is steady throughout all the learning process, and we support in every way the practice operators.

 Highly qualified service

Assitec puts at your disposal a wide range of assistance solutions, flexible and customisable to answer diverse and specific needs.

Our service includes:

  • proposals of preemptive and corrective maintenance on treatment centers of all brands and models on the market
  • proposals of prepayed carnet for yearly contracts
  • setting of the the remote connection for remote support and quick resolution of some issues without the cost of the intervention

Preserving performance over time

In order to preserve the performance of your radiological devices or cad-cams over time, the studio operator and your trusted service center must regularly check the system and update the software versions regularly. In addition, your studio operators must regularly execute the instructions of the manufacturer.

The Cad-Cam X-ray machines need periodic checks and small measures to preserve their performance intact over time. Planning maintenance is a guarantee of quality, cost savings and continuation of work in the best conditions.

To ensure the smooth flow of the dental work collaboration between the assistance center and the study operators is required.

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