Prevention is better than cure: in terms of time, costs, quality.

Scheduled Maintenance Dental Appliances

Planning the routine maintenance of dental equipment avoids abrupt interruptions to the work of the dentist in the studio and ensures the continuity of the service provided.

We help dental practices to plan the maintenance of dental equipment and machine rooms with the aim of drastically reducing downtime caused by defects or malfunctions, reducing the costs of emergency repairs and extending the life of the dental equipment.

A highly qualified service

In order to offer an excellent and complete service and to guarantee the workflow of the dental practice, Assitec has studied a range of advantageous proposals:

  • Preventive and Corrective maintenance contracts on Radiological, Radiological and Sterilizers of all brands and models
  • carnet of pre-paid interventions for annual service contracts.
  • controls and maintenance of the suction and compression systems.
  • predisposition for the remote connection with your company network for remote support and for the quick and affordable resolution of any issues it may occurs.

Regular checks and preventive and corrective maintenance contracts.


At the time of installation and testing, authorised Assitec technical staff draft an exhaustive technical and management documentation, minutely indicating the devices’ usage and maintenance operations, the biennial schedule for electric checks and mandatory recording of all maintenance and repairing interventions performed on the device. This handbook is valid throughout the device’s lifetime.

The dossier thus created must, in the case of an inspection by the designated authorities (local health authority), always be available for perusal and contains:

  • Instructions for the device’s use
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Compliance certificate
  • Maintenance register and log (drafted by the manufacturer)
  • Installation register (necessary for the Guarantee)
  • Supplier’s installation memo
  • Electric safety check, every two years (planned by the manufacturer)
  • For the sterilising devices, validation test, after the electrical check
  • Letter on the guidelines for frequency and modes of maintenance, and possibly a Maintenance contract
  • quality and safe service (as per 626/94 on workplace safety)

Regular checks and preventive and corrective maintenance contracts.



Risk evaluation

Legislative Decree DLgs 81 on safety, to which all companies, including dental practices, are subjected sanctions the employer’s duty of guaranteeing his employees’ workplace safety and the customers’ safety while on the premises. Assitec offers a comprehensive and professional service, comprising: consultancy, analysis and gathering of all information and resources necessary to evaluating risk on the premises, aimed intervention where needed and compiling the dossier to be possibly used in case of inspection by the local health authorities.

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