Remote Support

Supremo. Remote desktop

Supremo is a powerful, simple and complete solution for remote desktop. Allows access and remote control of a PC / server or start a meeting in a few seconds. Supremo supports USilio, the IT Management Console, and is UAC compatible. 100% Italian.

Facile e sicuro

Supremo consists of a single small executable file and is extremely simple to use thanks to the intuitive interface.

Pronto per le aziende

Supremo is 100% secure thanks to AES 256-bit encryption. It is UAC-compatible and supports Usilio, the IT Management Console.

Nessun Setup

Supremo does not require installation or configuration of the router / firewall. Connect to anyone in a few seconds.


Supremo is free for personal use while you need to sign a plan to control remote PC / servers for commercial purposes.

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