Security against intrusion and theft is essential for dental practice

Anti-theft Security fog

Recent news stories have shown that traditional anti-intrusion technologies, sirens and cameras, have had unsatisfactory results. The former calls “help”, the latter registers the event, but neither is able to effectively stop the thieves. Unfortunately, thefts are also increasing in dental practices and with them also the damage they cause to the dentist’s work.

Is there an anti-theft suitable to protect the dental practice from thieves?

Ensuring the workflow of the study is Assitec’s mission: repairing tools, performing validations, taking care of maintenance, restoring the dynamic instrumentation. Our goals include the protection of dental practices from intrusion and theft. This is why we have chosen Aura, the most suitable anti-theft fog system for dental practice.

The anti-theft fog has revolutionized the anti-intrusion sector because it represents an active defense that physically neutralizes thieves. In fact, the smoke saturates the premises with a non-toxic fog, which does not damage the electronic devices, but envelops them in high-density fog, forcing thieves to retreat, temporarily deprived of sight and sense of orientation. Assitec proposes the antitheft security fog for dental offices, personalizes the solution according to the premises, installs it and replaces the refill.

Anti-theft Security fog

A safe and effective system that protects your assets in a few seconds by wrapping them in a high-density fog.


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The main advantages of anti-theft fogging systems

A true “Antitheft” system:

Traditional systems do not thwart thefts, they only make thieves hurry up. Security fog systems are the only effective and cheap way to completely steal thefts.


security fog systems can be either integrated into an alarm system or installed stand-alone. Having a wide range of models, we can adjust the system to any premise.

It is cheap and effective:

Fog systems have the lowest prices compared to other active protection systems (armour-plate), very low upkeep and cheap refills.


The foggy antitheft literally inhibits the sense of sight, confusing the intruders. For them, it is a traumatic experience. They will not try again..

Green product

Security fog systems leave no residue and are harmless to things, people and animals. The fog (water and edible glycol) is certified safe to use in presence of foodstuffs or electronic devices.

The fog then fades:

The systems protect the environment so far as it is on alarm, but automatically fades without leaving any trace after the thieves have left. You will be happy to see that everything is in its place!.

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