Dental Chairs are at the core of the dentist’s work

Dental chairs servicing and restoration

Assitec offers first class service in dental chairs servicing and restoration, in ordinary and extraordinary maintenance provided by the main manufacturers. We also offer consultancy on the technical and ergonomic side of the dental chairs: for their positioning and repositioning, including relocation.

This service also includes the final functional test the related electric validation (Direttiva Dispositivi Medici 93/42 CEE Norme generali CEI 62-5 CEI 62-122).

Preserving performance through time


Assitec offers customised solutions for flexible assistance and maintenance.

Our service includes:

• proposals of preemptive and corrective maintenance on dental chairs of all brands and models on the market
• proposals of pre-payed yearlong assistance

Preserving performances through time

There are some precautions and procedures that the operators should regularly perform for the correct functioning of this equipment. Here are the actions to carry out daily, after the usage of the treatment centre and, if necessary, also after some particular surgical operations.

As with cars, dental chairs also need scheduled maintenance to preserve their performance intact through time.
Programming maintenance means ensuring quality, saving on costs and work continuation under the best conditions. These are some of the routine checks performed by the authorised assistance centre

To ensure the smooth flow of the dental work collaboration between assistance and study operators is needed.

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