The quality of the rotating instrumentation facilitates the dentist's work and the patient's comfort.

Turbines and contra-angles repair

Repair and technical assistance on turbines and contra-angles is carried out in Milan, Padua and Verona in the Assitec laboratories.
Turbine and contra-angle are the tools most used by the dentist. For this reason, keeping the performance of the dynamic instrumentation intact over time and always having well-functioning instruments directly influences the quality of the dentist’s work and the comfort of the patient.
In our laboratories, we follow a protocol of acceptance, diagnosis, repair, and delivery of turbines and contra-angles of all the main models and brands.
The standardization of the process makes it possible to trace the interventions and the history of the instrument, and allows the identification of any errors in use and maintenance that are promptly communicated and consequently correct. In fact, staff training and technical advice are part of our service.
For the collection and delivery of rotating and dynamic instruments, Assitec has stipulated exclusive contracts with trusted carriers, which guarantee the integrity of the process also in the final phase.

Preserving performance over time

In order to preserve the performance of rotating instruments over time, the studio operator and your trusted service center need to build a close and productive relationship. Assitec provides you with various assistance and maintenance solutions, flexible and customizable in order to meet specific and different needs.

Our service includes:

  • proposal of preventive and corrective maintenance contracts on units of all makes and models
  • proposal of a pre-paid package of interventions for annual service contracts

To guarantee the fluidity of the dental practice’s work
collaboration between assistance and study operators is needed.

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