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raining for dental practice practitioners is essential for Assitec. Having technicians who properly take care of the instruments and using them correctly means ensuring performance over time and minimizing malfunctions or breakage.

Training, in a broad sense, is continuous and is expressed in the form of advice, suggestions or teachings that our technicians do every day, both when they are in the studio or on the phone. Added to this are the more structured training sessions in the studio or at events taking place in other sectors.

A series of digital, paper, video and other tools are available both on our website and on social media channels.

We organize customized courses for dental operators in our premises or in other locations. We work in collaboration with single or group dental practices, with associations and organizations.

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To ensure the smooth flow of the dental work
collaboration between assistance and study operators is needed.

Dental chairs

Functional consulting, installation, moving, repair and overhaul, electromedical verification.
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Radiology and Cad-Cam

Functional consulting, installation, repair and overhaul even remotely.
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Dirty-clean path consulting, repair, overhaul, electro-medical verification and training.

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Rotating / dynamic instrumentation

Diagnosis, repair and delivery of all models and main brands.

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Engine room

Advice on premises and machine, repairs, maintenance and testing, electro-medical verification.

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Ordinary and extraordinary on all the equipment present in the studio, customized solutions.

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Electro-medical checks

Defined by EEC or national laws and directives on electro-medical equipment.

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Bacteriological control

Legionella or other bacteriological agents through inspections, analysis and reclamation.

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